The Needle

I am probably the most squeamish person I know when it comes to having blood drawn.  The last time I did it was probably over 6 years ago, so it was time I get it done today.  I made it through, but once again, it wasn’t easy. I had my bottle of water handy and the lady doing it was nice enough to make conversation.  She asked me if I was an NFL fan and what I thought of the Falcons.  And then she also asked me about college football.  It felt like it went on forever, when actually it was probably less than a minute.  I am wriggling in my chair just writing about it.

This squeamishness goes back to when I was about 19 and in college.  I participated in a college health study in which they drew blood.  They took it from my left arm, and when they withdrew the needle, I experienced a very sharp pain.  Within a minute or two, I developed a huge bruise that radiated from the middle of my arm almost to my wrist.  In addition, I had a big bump at the place the needle was inserted (still wriggling).
I hope someday I can get over this fear, but I doubt I ever will.  I think I do a little better each time, but the ironic thing is I dwell on it and feel just as uncomfortable when it’s over, rather than feel relief.  All I can say is I hope it’s another 6 years.

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