Dermatologist Visit

Today I went to see a dermatologist, which is something I haven’t done since I was probably a teenager.  I know people are often upset with how doctors seem to quickly usher you in and out after you have been waiting nearly an hour to see them.  And that’s the way I am particularly with specialists.

To my surprise, I was taken back to a room within about 5-10 minutes after I arrived.  But after going through a few questions from two nurses, I proceeded to wait in the room for about 20 minutes, even though I was sure I could hear the doctor outside the door.  I planned what I was going to say, but when she arrived, her motions were so quick to take a look at me I wasn’t sure if she was listening, so I was stumbling through what I wanted to say.  The diagnosis (which I am not so about) is that I simply have rosacea and prescribed me an oral and topical medicine.  I say I am not so sure about because my face isn’t red a lot and the condition is really spotty.  But I am going to go through with it anyway and see what happens.

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