Picking Up the Basketball

We had a pretty decent day weather-wise today, and after feeling sleepy all the time, Julie suggested I take Roman out and shoot some baskets.  What a fine idea.  I wanted to get Mitchell outside with me, as both had been inside playing video games all day, but he decided to go for a run.  I can’t really argue with that.

It almost didn’t happen as all the balls were flat.  I easily found the pump, but as I was getting ready to put it into the basketball, the needle broke off.  Luckily, after rummaging through the toolbox, I found another.  
I am quite the sorry shot these days.  In two games of PIG, Roman put a P and I on me before I could storm back and win.  He’s beaten me before.  And I am sure if he would get out there more and practice, he could beat me every time.  I showed him how to shoot with a bit more direction today, and he actually paid attention, but soon reverted back to the old way.  I think once he gets a bit more arm strength, it will come easier.

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