Worst Animated Movie I Have Seen in a Long Time

Because I had these Netflix DVDs coming in, it’s forcing me to get things I probably wouldn’t normally watch.  And I want to mix it up and get something for the kids to see.  Recently, Nathan had told me that the movie “Paranorman” was pretty good, though it got off to a bad start.  So that is what we watched today, even Mitchell, though he missed the beginning.  Julie was at work, so she was saved from this dreck.

As Nathan stated, the beginning was terrible, but sadly, I don’t think it got any better.  It had the typical crud that I am tired of seeing:  siblings that are rude to one another, a kid who gets bullied in school, and characters that are just not likable in my opinion.  The main story line stunk, and to cap it all off, they end it with a gay joke because kids love gay jokes.  Honestly, all the jokes were stale.  It tried too hard to be Tim Burton-esque.  I haven’t hated an animated movie this much since “Antz.”

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