Game Over

Another football season comes to an end in dramatic fashion. I wasn’t reading about it all week, but I am sure there was plenty of coverage about how there were two brothers coaching against one another in the big game, how it was Ray Lewis’s last game, how Colin Kaepernick is a rising star, etc., etc.  

The game couldn’t have been scripted better.  The Ravens take an unexpected early lead and go into the half up 21-6 on account of some bring plays by Joe Flacco.  Then Beyonce performs and America yawns, or changes the channel to Puppy Bowl.  Sorry, just not my style of performer.  I am sure there were a ton of people watching.  The teams come back out and the Ravens immediately score again on a Jacoby Jones kick return.  The 49er’s appear to be screwing up everything, and then the lights go out.  After over 30 minutes, the game is back on and the 49er’s come roaring back.  Due to a missed 2-pt opportunity, the Ravens remain in control.  The Ravens get their swagger back and score a field goal.  The 49er’s get one last opportunity to move ahead, but on a 4th down, are unable to convert in the end zone.  But the Ravens held the receiver, right?  Why call defensive holding or pass interference when you’ve done it once the whole game, right?  Let it go.  Jim Harbaugh is now STEAMING mad.  After a play or two more, game is over.  Ravens win.
Terrell Suggs calls it the “greatest Super Bowl” ever.  Well, of course.  He’s a total loud mouth on the winning team.  He would say that if they had won 63-0.  And even though the 49er’s brought the game close, it’s hardly the best game ever, though it wasn’t bad.  
And Randy Moss still doesn’t have a ring.

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