ING is now Capital One

I have been an ING customer for some time and I really liked the company for really no good reason.  I even bought a kid’s bank from them year’s ago for Roman’s birthday.  Yes, they had an online store.  Their customer service people were always nice.  And they never seem to charge any fees.  All I had was a savings account (now drained) but also opened an account for Max with a debit card rather than use Wells Fargo, who at the time were dinging me left and right with fees (they’ve since laid off a bit).  I even considered reading a BOOK about the company that I would always see in the library at Sioux City.

But it appears ING is now more and completely absorbed by Capital One.  All I can say is: yuck.  I don’t have a positive image of Capital One, mainly due to a past experience I had with their credit card, which I don’t use.  Their commercials are fun, but it seems like I associate them with bad credit as well.  I don’t know what this means for my future with using their products, but I just wanted to say:  Sorry to see you go, ING.  You will be missed.

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