Remembering Star Wars

Earlier this week, I signed up to be part of an online community/panel to talk about the world of Star Wars.  I must admit that I was enticed to sign up because I thought it paid out money.  At least the website I go to for paid surveys positioned it this way.  Now that I have joined, I see no indication of this being true.  Being eligible for prizes and sweepstakes is not the same thing in my book.

I already filled out my profile and read about the creator of the portal, who is Director of Consumer Insights for Lucasfilm.  How cool a job would that be?  It’s the kind of job I want but can never get, even for a bakery product company (true).  I know this person is looking for people with all levels of interest in Star Wars, but honestly, these days I see Star Wars as movies and nothing more. I don’t go to ComicCon or dress up like characters.  I don’t read the books.  OK, so I have action figures, but they are leftover from when I was 12.  I haven’t played with them since. I certainly don’t know the names of minor characters, even though we do have the incredibly hard Star Wars Trivial Pursuit with DVD.  It’s in a box somewhere.  I bet my two youngest kids know more than I do about Star Wars.  All the same, I am excited to hear there will be another Star Wars movie due in 2015, but I am just as excited about another super hero or James Bond movie.  
I’ll do my best to participate and hope it doesn’t go off the rails with nerdiness.  But it looks like I’m not getting paid.

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