Who Wants Dessert?

Last night Max came home from work to tell us Menchie’s was giving out free frozen yogurt in honor of National Frozen Yogurt Day.  I still am not sure if there is such a day or if Menchie’s made it up.  And Max didn’t have it exactly right.  You first had to go onto there Facebook page and “Like” them.  No problem.  I did that.  But I only got one coupon, good for up to 6oz.  What to do with five people?  Print it 5 times naturally.  Julie was doing an online seminar and could not go.  Plus, Max had gotten her a blizzard at McDonald’s.  Thanks for thinking of the rest of us!

Luckily, they accepted my five printouts and it only cost me 30 cents, as Roman and Grace went a little over the weight limit.  Max knew someone else there and by the time he finished getting his while talking to his school friend, I was already finished eating.  I can’t say the place was mobbed, but then it was close to 9pm.  I wasn’t hungry for frozen yogurt and I certainly didn’t need it as my weight has sadly been going up, but you can’t pass up free food, right?

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