Good Deed for the Day

As I was walking the dog today, a small truck made a U-turn up ahead and came back down our side of the street. I had just passed the neighbor’s house.  I could tell he was lost and I asked if I could help.  He was a Hispanic man that obviously did some contracting service.  He told me his GPS took him here but showed me a Johnson Ferry address, which is a major road right outside our neighborhood.  It also had an apartment number, but I couldn’t think of any apartment complexes near us.  I saw the name Guzman, and was hopeful for a moment as I believe that is the last name of our neighbor’s across the street, but it still had that address, which said Atlanta and a totally different zip code.

I tried putting it into my phone’s GPS, and per usual the phone reacted VERY slowly.  It finally gave me a location, but I was sure it wasn’t right either.  The man ended up calling the person and putting me on the phone with her, as he said his English wasn’t very good.  His English sounded fine, so maybe he just has a hard time understanding others speaking it.  As it turns out, he was way off base, driving nearly 30 minutes north of his destination.  We were able to get the right address into his GPS and get him on the way.  I really felt sorry for him as he was trying his best, but is likely to get an earful from the lady any way for being late.  But had I not been there, who knows how much longer he would have been driving around aimlessly?

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