Wreck-it Ralph

I took the kids (minus Max but plus Ellie) to see “Wreck-it Ralph” at the dollar theater today.  It’s been there for about 3 weeks now so I didn’t feel it would sell out.  But since the kids are off tomorrow, I guess it wasn’t your typical Sunday.  Even though we arrived nearly 15 minutes early, it wasn’t enough.  

They don’t have anyone in the box office, so you have to wait in the concession line to get tickets.  By the time I got to the front of the line, I was informed it had sold out.  I was asked the inevitable: “Would you like to buy tickets to the 4:50 show?”  It was only 20 minutes later, but it was the 3-D version.  I am not into the 3-D thing.  It looks good, but it’s still a gimmick in my opinion.  Just another way of getting more money.  This discount theater also discounts the additional price for 3-D, so it’s $2 per person.  But that came to $10 extra for the 5 of us.  Arrrgh.  
Since it was so early, I decided to wait and come back to get popcorn.  The kids were OK with that.  It turned out to be a huge mistake.  I waited until about 10 minutes before the show start and the concession lines were even worse.  After waiting nearly 10 minutes in the line and moving about 1 inch, I decided to go back and wait until after all the shows had started.  This proved to be the right decision, but of course I missed part of the movie.
The movie was good overall.  It reminded me of “Toy Story.”  Much like “Toy Story”, the characters take on their own persona after the arcades close and/or people aren’t around.   At times it was hard to enjoy as their were a group of very small children across the aisle crying incessantly.  That never makes for good movie viewing.
Since it was in the late afternoon, I feel like it ate up the entire day.  Waiting an extra 20 minutes didn’t help either. But it was good to get them away from the video games and watching video game characters instead.

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