Back to the Shelves!

Today I stopped by the library to pick up a book for Mitchell’s AP World History class, even though he said he won’t be needing it for awhile. Hey, what can I say?  I act fast.  And it beats having to buy it.  Of course, if anyone puts it on reserve, I will have to return it.  Anyway, I talked to Ansie while I was there and politely asked if she needed any help.  As I looked at the 2 carts near the shelves, I knew the answer would be “yes”.  

It’s been a long time since I did volunteer work there, but I knew what to do.  But I can honestly say this was one of my toughest assignments.  There were a ton of cookbooks and art books to put back, which tend to be the most bulky and have to be put on the shelf sideways.  But that wasn’t the issue.  The problem was the number of books I found that were out of place.  I found books that should be in the 300’s in the 600’s.  I found them in a piled up stack on a shelf.  I even found some in the travel section on the floor!  I am pretty sure it was this Asian kid that put them there.  I had been on the aisle earlier and it was perfectly clean.  
I was able to finish two carts, but I bet I moved just as many books that were already on the shelf as I shelved on the cart.  I was there for nearly 2 hours.  I thought the library closed at 5pm and that I would have to leave after the first cart. When I realized there was another hour, I stayed longer.  What can I say?  I kind of enjoy it, though I had a bit of a headache and was sweating.  But staying there gave me the opportunity to check out the parenting book I did not finish since they were given ample opportunity to check it back in.
The truth is I could actually be doing this during the week, but I didn’t offer that up.  Yet.

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