WhirlyBall and Laser Tag

I attended my first Fathers and Sons Adventure Club meeting today and it was a blast.  Fittingly, we played Whirlyball, and I love Whirlyball, even though it’s been about 5 years since I last played in Chicago.  That was when Bruce and I went out one night and played 2 games with complete strangers.  I didn’t do so well.  But since I was already used to the steering mechanism they used, I had a bit of an advantage and finally scored some goals. 

We broke into 4 groups of 8 and our group was the first to play Whirlyball.  We played dads vs. kids and won the game 8-0 (2 points per goal) .  I believe I had 4 of those points, but was always in a pass first mentality, unless I had a clear break to the goal.  I noticed the kids weren’t as much into passing. 
It was pretty cool in the building, and since I had on a short sleeve shirt, I kept my jacket on.  After a short break, it was out turn for laser tag and this time it was our group against another group.  And for some reason one person in our group had to go to the other team, so it was 9 vs. our 7.  I wore myself out running around.  During the last 2-3 minutes, I knelt in a corner and just tried to pick off people.  In my opinion, there were too many people in there at once.  Every time you got hit, someone else would come along and get you again.  So you had to run off and play in another area.  I was sweating by the time we left.  In the end, I was tied for last on our team, but I don’t think they subtract for getting hit.  I did a good job not getting hit.  At least I think so.  Don’t really have a way of knowing.
I was not too happy to hear that the winning team (us) was to go back in and play the next team.  I wanted more Whirlyball.  Luckily, one of the groups up for Whirlyball needed an extra player and I was recruited.  Don’t mind if I do!  In the end, I only played laser tag the one time and Whirlyball 4 times.  The last Whirlyball game was a hoot.  I was team with 3 kids between the ages of maybe 10-12.  They were happy just to drive around. I don’t even think they knew what the object of the game was.  When I wanted to pass, they weren’t even paying attention or anywhere near the goal.  Early on, I was right next to the goal but wanted to give one of the kids a chance to score.  I literally handed the ball to him as we were right next to each other.  He had the ball in his thrower and I kept saying, “Shoot it!  Shoot it!  Shoot it!”  He looked at me as if I had a corncob in my ear.  He never got the shot off.  The other team stole it.  I tried to call out to them by using their numbers when I was unsuccessful in getting names.  That didn’t work. In the end, I scored 3 goals and gave us a 6-2 lead with one minute left.  Not sure if this is legal, but while I was trapped by my own teammate at the other end of court, the other team went down to score and just kept getting the rebound until they put up 8.  I just had to shake my head. So much for defense.
I could literally play Whirlyball all day long.  Love it.  Because of my present status, we were able to play free and I was VERY appreciative.  Even if I paid, it would have been at a discount.  It can be very expensive.  The other problem with Whirlyball is you need to have at least 8 people, and usually 10.  It’s surprising how many people don’t even know what it is.  And it’s tricky to explain.  Come on Whirlyball!  Get out there and market yourself.  I would have to see you go.

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