Doing the Math

I was thinking about this earlier today.  I have several books that have been sitting on my bookshelf for years now, because they’re not a fun read and rather daunting at 700 pages plus.  I like to keep my books under 400 pages when I can, especially fiction, unless it’s large print.  One such book is Paul Johnson’s “A History of the American People” at about one thousand pages.  If I only read 10 pages a day, I could have this finished in 100 days, or a little over 3 months.  That’s hardly anything, considering it’s been on the shelf for years.  So what’s keeping me from adopting a plan like that?  And heck, some days I am sure I would be motivated to do 12-15 pages.  It couldn’t take any longer than 30 minutes conservatively. 

The thing is….I know there would be a day in which I would say, “I think I’ll skip today and make up for it tomorrow.”  Tomorrow would come and I wouldn’t do it and then have 30 pages to do.  Then I would become so dismayed that I wouldn’t want to do it at all.
I am trying to decide if I should start this particular book today.  Problem is….I believe I have about 5 books going right now.  That’s a bit too many.  I am about 6 books ahead of schedule in my reading challenge of 25 books in a year, but some of these are Lemony Snicket books, one is a Diary of a Wimpy Kid Book, and one was practically a picture book on George Harrison that I read in one night.  Probably time I start challenging myself a bit more, but hey, it’s a book.  And a time commitment, especially coming from a movie guy.

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