Ridiculously Tired

I was tired from the moment I woke up today.  I recall being tired at my computer in the morning and then laying down on the floor in the school room around noon.  But the best was when I was in the waiting room at the orthodontist, waiting for Mitchell.  I read a chapter of my book, closed it (dropping the bookmark on the floor), and leaned my head against the wall.  I was out like a light.  I was startled when Mitchell came out and woke me up, with a hygienist right beside him.  Was I snoring?  The receptionist said I was not, but Mitchell said I had a big frown on my face.  Perhaps I was having a bad dream, or at least one that made me mad.  The good news is Mitchell gets his braces off in two months.

But the sleepiness didn’t end there.  After dinner, I sat in my favorite reading chair and read another chapter in my book.  My eyes kept closing and my mind kept wandering and reading things that weren’t on the page.  I struggled to get the last two pages completed, and then I promptly walked over to the couch and laid down.  Once again…..off to Snoozeville.   But there were too many lights on and when Max came in the door, he made his presence known.  I could hear his girlfriend as well, but not once did I get up, nor did anyone come and talk to me (at least, not that I can remember).  I believe nearly two hours elapsed, though I certainly was not asleep all that time.  
So what made me so tired?  Was it the drastic change in the weather?  Medication?  Poor sleep the night before?  After all, we did have two body pillows and a stuffed bear in the bed.  Should probably take on less of a load tonight.

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