How Could I Forget? (Part II)

The reason why Roman was not at the Whirlyball/Laser Tag event this past Saturday is because he was at MathCounts!  Like his brothers before him, he participated and probably had tougher competition that the regional round that Max and Mitchell faced in Iowa.  Unfortunately, he did not make the countdown round, which selects the top 12 finalists.  That’s a tall order actually. I practiced against him the day before the tournament, and while he did OK, I knew that it required more memorization of mathematical facts and formulas.  There’s a reason they only give you 45 seconds in the countdown round.  I never did figure out what his final rank was.

It’s still a commendable achievement to participate and hopefully nurtures a love of math, which will ALWAYS be an important skill in life, no matter what the ignorant people say.

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