Big Changes Ahead for Falcons

So today I read that the Falcons have parted ways with Michael Turner, John Abraham, and Dunta Robinson.  The first two have been solid if not spectacular additions to the Falcons when they were acquired several years ago.  It’s hard to imagine both not in a Falcons uniform next year, even though Abraham had starred for Jets previous to coming to Atlanta.  Robinson has had his moments, but in my mind, I kind of see him as a bust.  It seemed he was either penalized a lot or burned.  He was starting to make strides a corner this last year, but he’s expensive.  If he came back at a lower price, it might make sense. 

I don’t see any getting big contracts should they go anywhere else.  I could see Abraham coming back on a one-year contract, but I think the team will draft younger talent.  If rumors are true and Steven Jackson comes to Atlanta, there would be no need for Turner.  In fact, I would even draft a RB to start grooming behind Jackson, who is almost 30.  Jackson still has enough in him to have the type of impact Corey Dillon had when he came to the Patriots.  He’s been on some very poor Rams teams since he came into the league.  And while the Rams will likely make strides in the next couple years, he wants to win now.  The Falcons can give him that.
I wonder what Tony Gonzalez thinks of all this change.  I definitely hope he comes back.

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