Coin Ordering on Hold

I was all ready to place and order for 15 uncirculated State Park quarters through an offer I found in the circular from the Littleton Coin Company. Julie bought me a book for them back in Christmas 2011 and I still have nothing in them.  In fact, I am not so sure I have ever seen a State Park quarter.

It was going to cost about $2 more than face value, and that included the shipping.  Not a bad deal.  So what’s the catch?  The catch, if you can call it that, is you continue to receive other coins each month that you can either pay to keep or send back within 15 days.  The postage to send them back is on you.  Considering it says that it costs them $6.95 to send these packages and that is supposedly at a discount, I would pay at least that much.  Even if I only paid it once, since you can quit the program whenever you like, it seems like it would offset any deal I got with the original shipment.  Perhaps you can quit before the first shipment ever comes?  Not sure.
I wrote to them and confirmed this.  But they were nice and did inform me you can put a maximum price on what is sent out each month (to avoid any large shipments) and I believe you may even be able to control exactly what is sent.  I’ll have to look into it again, but considering my status at the moment, it doesn’t seem like a wide thing to do. Even though I love getting things through the mail

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