Tragedy Strikes

I’ve been sick the last 2 days, waking up around 2pm and getting very little done.  In fact, we all have been sick. Grace has been running a fever off and on for the last 4 days.  Just yesterday she was playing at her friend’s house and today she is sick again.  When will it all end?  I haven’t so much been running a fever.  Rather, I have nasal drainage causing a severe headache and now a cough, which I can ill afford for interviews.

But that’s not even the worst of it.  Last night we learned that our nephew Peter, only 13-years old, was involved in an accident at his home and was rushed to Chlidren’s Mercy Hospital.  The prognosis wasn’t good and this morning we learned they are taking him off life support.  Just like that.  I can’t even imagine what Christine and David are going through.  I would really like to be there, but might have to stay home with the boys or all the kids.  We’ll be figuring that all out very soon.  It still seems very surreal, as in, “Can this really be happening?”  But it’s real all right. I already know I don’t tell the kids I love them enough (in fact, rarely), but this is a reminder that sometimes you won’t even get the chance.  Very sad.

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