Home Again, Home Again…Jiggity Jig!

I got everything cleaned up today for Julie, Roman, and Grace’s arrival home.  It doesn’t feel like they were gone long, but I still welcome a return to normalcy.  Maybe the loneliness was making me tired, since it seems like Max and Mitchell are always off doing their own thing.

We went out to eat at Keegan’s tonight after walking in and immediately out of the Abbey Road Bar & Grill.  I really wanted to try it, but I never got in the door.  Julie walked in and came back out after smelling smoke.  I only saw men in there too.  No families.  Oh well.  They have been running a lot of coupons so I assumed they were really making a push to be a neighborhood bar and grill.  More like BAR.
Keegan’s also has more of a pub feel, but there food is pretty good.  They were having a trivia night as well, which kept things a bit entertaining.  But when we realized we were only halfway through and had long been done with dinner, we decided to go.  It was nearly 9pm and Julie was pooped.  Plus, we were only tied for 7th when we left.  That’s because we flubbed up the last round when I thought the A&M in Texas A&M stood for “Agricultural and Marine”.  The M stands for “Mechanical”.  Also, Julie thought a show about dung was on Animal Planet, when the actual answer was Discovery.  I kicked some butt on the bonus questions, but unless he scored something wrong, it wasn’t enough to make a dent.

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