Bye Bye Birdie

We went to the premiere of “Bye Bye Birdie” tonight, put on by Max’s high school.  Max and his classmates have been putting in long hours for this play for the last month.  It seems to have paid off.  Other than maybe a few sound glitches, I thought it was done very well.  I have not seen ANY production of this show before (not even a movie, if there is one), so the story was entirely new to me.  I was familiar with a few of the songs.  I also didn’t expect the show to go on for 3 hours (including the intermission).  Maybe it started late.

Max played several parts in the play, though the program only had him credited for Karl Davis.  They were mainly smaller parts, like a news reporter, but he did get to speak.  And he got to sing as well.  He wasn’t in the 2nd half of the play much at all.  It looked like they had a lot of fun putting it together.  While this is only his first play at the high school, he will also be part of the senior play in a couple months.  
Mitchell was not with us at the play tonight (we did bring Ellie though).  He is going Saturday night with his girlfriend. After he sees it, I expect he will want to be part of a play in the coming years.  

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