Old Spice Crazy

Old Spice is not a brand I particularly buy.  Nothing against them, but when I buy deodorant, I prefer more of a neutral scent.  But tonight I was totally intrigued by their marketing.  Somebody has been working overtime in that department.  Their advertising has been pretty creative for awhile.  I especially enjoyed Ray Lewis flying off to a distant planet on a raven from years ago.  But I had no idea how much they expanded the product line.  For awhile, it was kind of annoying me how I had no idea what was meant by “Wolfthorn” or what a scent like “Belize” would smell like.  Plus, you have to be careful with Old Spice, as many of their products are deodorant only (no antiperspirant).  Why somebody wants deodorant without the antiperspirant component has always eluded me, but to each his own.

I sampled smelling these for awhile, though I my nose wasn’t getting much out of it.  As much as I liked the perceived uniqueness of the products, I wasn’t really interested in buying them because I use gels and roll-ons, which I wasn’t seeing.  But then I came upon the Sweat Defense line, which had the small holes across the top like the gels but appeared to be a solid as I viewed it from the top.  I decided to give it a try.  As it turns out, it’s more like a foam, which is interesting.  Has much less of a wet feel.
I turned around and noticed they had body wash in some of the lines I had been viewing for the deodorants.  I gave Hawkridge a sniff in the bottle and decided I didn’t want to smell like a wet stump.  OK, that’s probably exaggerating a bit, but it seemed a bit too strong.  I had just been shopping body washes and prefer the more fruity smells like orange, but again, I was captivated by trying Old Spice.  I ended up buying Belize scent and while it definitely can be construed as a man scent, it’s fairly mild and to my liking. 
I am often the type to complain about how some of these product lines are getting out of hand.  Look at toothpaste, for instance.  They keep marketing it with extra whitening or making it sound healthier and healthier. In turn, there are about a gazillion different price points.  And have you been in the light bulb aisle recently?  Crazy.  But there is one thing I did like about the Old Spice products from what I saw: all the same size and all the same price.  Granted, I still think they have too many products and I am sure some will be discontinued in the next year, but at least I wasn’t trying like crazy to figure out why one was more expensive than the other.
Old Spice’s evolution has probably more to do with taking market share from Axe, though Axe’s commercials cater more towards the 25 and under crowd.  Still, Old Spice was headed towards being a brand for the 65 and over crowd until just a few years ago.  I may be wrong about this since I was never really an Old Spice customer, but at least that was my perception, and perception is everything.

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