The Birdman Cometh

This morning was so deathly quiet that I felt like I needed the TV on.  I just happened to turn on a documentary about the relationship between Larry Bird and Magic Johnson.  I was working at the same time so I didn’t catch it all, but I was most fascinated by Larry Bird’s upbringing.  I never realized how poor he was growing up in a house with 5 other children in the town of French Lick, IN.  It never really explained how he grew to have such a love of basketball or how often he practiced to become so darn good (or else I missed it), but it was interesting to see how he couldn’t handle being at Indiana University and had to drop out.  You never hear anything about Indiana State these days, so that just shows he was carrying that team, all the way to the Finals!  He also had a father than committed suicide.  That must have made things even rougher, considering he was really good friends with his dad.  Never realized how introverted he was.  At least he comes across that way in interviews.  I also never realized what a “rough” player he was, until they showed some footage of him from the past.  

Isiah Thomas once said he only got that if he was a black player, he would only be considered a decent player.  I think that’s a load of crap.  Oh, and Mr. Thomas?  He was a much better coach than you were as well!

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