Old News

Last night I turned on the TV as I folded some clothes and found myself watching the local news.  I don’t watch the news much, so it was a welcome change.  Everything was fine until I hit the weather.  The weatherman was going on about how it was still 60 degrees outside at 10pm.  Yesterday just happened to be a HIGH of 49 degrees.  That’s when I hit pause and saw I was one hour into some program.  As it turns out, Julie had been watching “The Mentalist” the night before and she adds another hour to the recording because it used to get delayed by football.  Rather than delete it or let it play through, she paused it and turned off the TV and went to bed.  It’s not often I am the first one on the TV the next day, but I obviously didn’t realize I resumed from where she left off.  I wasn’t too happy.


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