New Group

This afternoon I took Mitchell and Roman to an open house for a new group being formed at the church called Columbian Squires.  Roman signed up but Mitchell was not appreciative.  Right now, I think the group may just be the one kid.  And the kid was younger than Mitchell.  As I figured, he silently slipped out as I was filling out the paperwork for Roman, and then started texting me from outside the building, telling me to “hurry up”.  I really hope they can build the group up.  But in actuality, it will probably be more enjoyable for Roman to do this and start from scratch than join a big, established group like Boy Scouts, which he is still welcome to do.  I know I always enjoy working for companies where I join a small group that is built up over time.  You get to set the standard and hopefully (the part that has not worked out well for me) get to be a leader of the group.


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