Faucet Sprayer Fixed

Oh how I hate fixing things.  Certainly I feel a great sense of accomplishment when everything goes fine and the job is complete, but that rarely happens.  Generally, there is some step where I hit an impasse and I cannot figure out what to do next.  

I bought the replacement sprayer for the kitchen sink on Monday and immediately went to work.  It looked very easy.  All I needed was a pair of pliers.  For once, I actually had the needed tool.  I removed the plastic nut so that I could slide off the old sprayer and then removed the old retaining ring so that the nut could then be slid off the hose. The new nut went on just fine, but then came putting on the new retaining ring.  It’s this teeny tiny “semi-ring” that you clip onto the hose.  I tried like heck to push it on for 15 minutes and got nowhere.  I realized then that perhaps the old one had been “stretched” a bit to clip it on, so I tried doing this to the new ring.  I FINALLY got it on, screwed the new head on, and all done.  Nope.  I turned the water on and water was shooting from the bottom.  Upon further inspection, I realized there was a specific spot for the retaining ring, and I had put it too high.  Removing it and putting it back on was a bear, but I finally got it.  I screwed the head back on and…..uh oh…..water started coming out of a small crack in the head.  Was I too aggressive?  Ruined.
As it turns out, Julie didn’t want another white one anyway.  So I returned the broken item and got a chrome on this time. Rather than fool around with the new retaining ring, I decided to use the old one.  Much easier to get on and off, but honestly, it was so awkward and too hard in my opinion.  Why does everything have to be like that?  At least I didn’t encounter a stripped screw, which seems to ALWAYS happen to me.  No likey.
Everything is working great. If only I could do this for a living.

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