Over 30 Years

It was about 30 years ago I moved from Nashville, NC to Olathe, KS and had to say goodbye to my good friend Lee. Unfortunately, this was back before the days of e-mail and Facebook, so we lost touch.  Back around 1992, I did receive a call from him out of the blue while I was living alone in an apartment.  And then I believe we exchanged a few letters.  Of course, Facebook came along and that helped.  But would I ever see him again?

Well, today, thankfully, I did….along with his whole family: a wife and 3 children.  We waited anxiously for his arrival as I had told everyone he should be here sometime between noon and 2pm.  Unfortunately, it got stretched to after 5pm.  Luckily, he caught us before Julie had to leave for work.  We sat at the table and talked for a good 3 hours.  It never occurred to me we should have been sitting outside since the weather was fantastic.  With the meeting out of the way, perhaps next time we can play some board games, since it sounds like they really enjoy them as well.  The younger kids did hit it off pretty well, though Max went into hiding and Mitchell, unfortunately, was in the middle of doing a school project.  
Someday I would really love to get back to Nashville and see my old house.  Of course, I would stop in and connect again with Lee.  Even though I lived most of my life in the Kansas City area, the places I lived have shaped who I am.  Perhaps I would even continue up the coast and visit eastern PA.  It really stunk moving around when I was a kid, but at the same time, it’s cool to find yourself on a business trip to, say, Philadelphia and be able to say, “Can you take me by Upper Darby?  I would like to visit my birthplace.” (I did this once, and the cab driver pretty much told me to stay out of Upper Darby, so I never got to see it.) 

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