Ears Still Ringing

Last night, Dave and I caught Redd Kross at The Earl.  First time I had ever been to The Earl, and though I didn’t know the area and it was raining, I had very little difficulty finding it.  Thank you Google Maps for your street images!  In addition, I got a parking spot practically right in front of the building on the street.  

Dave and I talked in the back of the show area (a separate room in the back) while we waited for the opening band to go on stage.  It didn’t take long, but for the first 4-5 songs I had no idea who I was listening to.  The band was Tiger! Tiger!, and they are fronted by two ladies.  These same ladies were chatting it up just moments earlier directly behind us in the crowd.  Good thing we didn’t talk about how the opening band would probably stink.  They did not.  In fact, I really liked their music but can’t find anything to listen to online. The songs were fairly short and had a punkish vibe.  The only thing that I would say that caused me to frown was the lack of clarity of the vocals, but it turned out that this had more to do with The Earl’s sound system.
Redd Kross did not take the stage until nearly 11pm.  That’s pretty darn late for a Wednesday night.  They rocked much harder than I imagined, since when I think of them my mind tends to gravitate to the bubblegum pop of “1976”.  This was their first tour stop, so the energy level was gargantuan.  I was worn out just watching the two lead brothers.  Great show!  Dave had seen them before and knew the music much better than I did.  But I knew some key tunes, though they never played “1976”.
The show ended around 12:30 and I drove home in the rain and arrived back at the house after 1am.  Julie said she heard me coming into our neighborhood.  Not by the sound of the car, but music blaring.  And I had the windows up!  You have to turn it loud when your ears are still ringing, eh?

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