The Drive

We didn’t leave for Florida until close to 1pm today.  About 15 minutes down the road, I was planing to stop at the QT and fill-up and then hit Wells Fargo for cash. Before I even got there, Roman was wanting to start the movies.  I kept telling him to wait, but boy that kid can be impatient.  

We all got our drinks, gassed the van, and hit the road.  I decided to take the van because with Joel and his friend there, we would need a bigger car than my parents had to transport everyone to Busch Gardens, etc.  Or we had to take two cars.
As we got on the highway, I realized I forgot to ask Mitchell to bring his wallet so that he could do some driving.  With 7 hours of driving in front of us, I figured I could find some easy places for him to get experience.  Unfortunately, he left his wallet in the same place it has been for weeks: sitting at my desk.  So much for that idea.  What boy/man doesn’t carry a wallet?
We only stopped a couple of times and only once for gas.  Still, it felt like I had been on the road for 16 hours when it had only been five.  I took a different route this time that I really enjoyed.  Once crossing into Florida, you go to about the Gainesville area and then hop on 47 south.  What a great drive.  It’s only 2 lanes, but it was peaceful.  You go about 35 miles on 47, another 10 on 129, and about 80 miles on US-19.  And even though it’s US-19, the first 60 miles are 4 lanes with hardly anyone around.
Mitchell and I opted for Popeye’s chicken as we got close to their house.  Grace objected, but in the end we convinced her.  We brought it back to my parents and ate it there.
All in all, a decent drive, but I learned you have to leave before noon or else the drive feels like it’s much longer than it really is.

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