Back to the Busch

It’s been awhile, but today Mitchell, Roman, and I (along with grandpa and Joel) visited Busch Gardens.  Grace opted to stay home with grandma. We didn’t arrive until nearly 1pm due to complications with getting tickets and stopping at Burger King to eat.  But it turns out the park wasn’t very busy so we got to ride most everything, even though the park closed at 7pm.  However, my dad and I didn’t get to ride the Congo River Rapids because he had been itching to watch a show, so I made it happen.  The boys went off on their own to do that and even rode the Sheikra without me, which stinks because I did want to ride that.  If we had only got there a bit earlier, eh?

One of the most disappointing things about the day was riding the Rhino Rally.  I was really excited to ride this and thought Joel would love it since he wanted to see animals.  The Rhino Rally allows you to go on safari in a jeep that holds 17 people, one of which rides up front with the driver.  That person was Joel.  The driver couldn’t figure out why he was hesitant to give out his name.  He later told me that he didn’t understand what she asked him.  Anyway, he was nicknamed “Buttercup” for the rest of the ride.  What was disappointing was the ride itself.  They got rid of the very best part.  At one point, the jeep drives into a river and gets “stuck”.  In actuality, it boards a raft which floats down a river until it reaches the end and the driver takes it back on land.  The driver told me that they had to take out that part to add in their new rollercoaster, the Cheetah Hunt.  I missed out riding the Cheetah Hunt, but the boys and Joel rode it while I was waiting for my dad.

I took several pictures on my phone, but unfortunately it ran out of batteries with about 2 hours left.  Dang phone.

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