Another Exciting Day at Busch Gardens

Actually, today we were at Adventure Island, which is Busch Garden’s water park.  My dad didn’t go this time, so I was tasked with taking the kids as well as Joel and Alyce.  We tried to arrive as close as we could to opening time (10am), and were only off by 15 minutes.  We still got a spot right outside the gate and when we got in there was hardly anyone there.  For the first 90 minutes, we went on pretty much everything without anyone in front of us in line.  And to be honest, it was like that pretty much the rest of the day.  

We kept pushing lunch out because they kept wanting to go on slide after slide.  Roman really loved what he called “The Skipper”, because you were on a sled that skipped across the water when it reached the bottom of a very tall slide.  The real name was “Everglides”.   There are a ton of great rides there that I had forgotten about since our last visit.  Roman and Grace don’t even remember going there before.  I know we went at least once before – maybe twice.
One of the first things we rode was a ride called Wahoo Run in which you get inside of a raft (up to 5 people) and go through a rather long enclosed tube.  I hate riding backwards as it disorients me and makes me kind of sick.  Well, I got to go down backwards, but I didn’t get sick!  Later on in the day I would go on an individual tube and accidentally wind up going backwards in an enclosed tube.  It was awful and I DID feel sick until we got home.  Nothing could shack the sickness.  
There were actually a few cuts and bruises to be had.  I cut my foot getting off a water slide in the Splash Attack section.  Mitchell had to go to first aid after hurting his knee on the Everglides.  And we all would up with a little too much sun on some parts of our body.  Pretty par for the week.
We got out of there around 3:30, which I think was plenty of time.  It’s a good thing there were hardly any people there as the kids kept going off by themselves.  Had it been crowded, it would have been a nightmare trying to find them.  Plus, for once, we could actually go in a lazy river and not fight for tubes!  And even though there were plenty of grey clouds in the sky, we dodged the rain once again this week.  Betting tomorrow we will finally get some.
Thanks to my dad for getting my oil changed and tires rotated before we left for the park.  In return, I bought him a souvenir drink cup he can refill for $1 when he goes back to Busch Gardens.  Aren’t I a great son?  

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