Leaving Florida

Looks like we picked the right day to leave.  It rained all morning and was still drizzling when we left around 11:30am.  We ate lunch before leaving and didn’t stop again until we hit Valdosta, GA.  The drive through Florida was a piece of cake as once again I took US-19 to US-129 and then US-47.  Very peaceful drive.  

Our second stop didn’t come until 5pm, and that was to eat dinner.  Took us a little while to decide on a place to eat, but I finally decided on a restaurant called Buffalo Cafe and in the end everyone was pleased.  We also picked up a couple movies at Redbox to watch the rest of the way.  Really, only one was to watch, and that was “Madagascar 3”, which they had seen before.  Mitchell had not seen it, but he decided not to watch it. I think he would have done differently if he had known the traffic we would run into outside of Macon on Hwy 75.  It was truly terrible and I think it cost us 45 minutes.
We got home around 8:20pm and Max was heading out to a friend’s house.  Surprisingly, he helped us unpack.  After about an hour of straightening up, I needed to relax.  Grace, Roman, and I watched “The Middle” while I let them stay up for Julie’s arrival.  However, Julie didn’t get home until close to 11pm.  After Florida and tonight, it’s going to be hard to get the kids’ sleep back on schedule.

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