Another Great Movie to Add to My Watched List

On our way back from Florida yesterday, I rented “Spooky Town” at a Redbox in Macon, GA.  Today…I watched it.  Nathan and I have been obsessed with it since around Easter and he finished watching it yesterday. I promised him I would watch it too if he finished it. 

Was it as bad as “Troll 2”?  Probably not.  But “Troll 2” has developed a cult following and has some unintentional funny parts.  This had few of those but the film quality was quite poor.  Many of the scenes just looked way too dark on my TV.  The premise actually started out promising (people selling their souls when checking into a hotel….I think), but then got too bizarre from there.  And in true horror fashion, had an ending that is not exactly “happily ever after.”
The film was first released in 1999 under the name “Phantom Town.”  At least, I am assuming it was released. The cover I am including below was obviously done recently as the kids pictured are NOT in the movie.  You read that right.
Almost all the reviews on Redbox are negative, except for once particular individual, who gave it 5 stars!


Terrifying kids’ flick that pays homage to sci-fi classics like “Invasion of the Body Snatchers” and “Strange Invaders.” You can even toss in a dash of “Westworld” if you like (Yul Brynner’s best role). I haven’t seen a premise so carefully laid out since “Cocoon 2”. Better than The Beatles.

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