Garage Sale Miss

We went to a garage sale this morning in the neighborhood.  Looks like the folks are moving and were unloading quite a few items.  It was probably a pretty respectable size sale consider this was the second day.  Naturally, I bought a book (Harlan Coben mystery) for 25 cents and Julie bought some picture frames.  But what was most intriguing was they had 2 dressers, a desk, and matching bunk beds for $105.  That’s not the interesting part.  What was interesting is they were the same design as my old bedroom set as a kid, which currently we use pieces from in Max’s room.  There looked like they were in better condition and I never had bunk beds.  I have been wanting to replace Roman and Mitchell’s bunk for some time.  They are horrible.  It used to belong to my sister and it’s in bad shape.  We have had opportunities and passed for some reason or another.

I had decided to go back around 2:30pm and see if I could offer less, since the sale ended at 3pm.  Instead, I brought Mitchell to a birthday party at 3pm and completely forgot about going back!  I drove by a little after 3pm and some mover-looking dudes were loading stuff in the back of a truck.  I thought about getting out and asking about the furniture, but would have felt like a heel if all of it had just been loaded on the truck.  The truck could have belonged to a buyer, or they may have made a deal with some organization to give them whatever did not sell.  I guess I will never know.

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