Roman and I finished a game of Monopoly today that we started on Saturday evening.  I had him get out my NFL-themed game from 1999, when the Falcons and Broncos were in the Super Bowl (Unfortunately, the Broncos won and earned the Boardwalk spot).  The game has barely been played since Julie only plays the original.  Other than the spots looking different and the cards reading slightly different (AFC and NFC instead of Chance and Community Chest), the rules are exactly the same.  

The game was pretty balanced for awhile.  Both of us had roughly the same number of properties.  I always seemed to have a bit more money.  And though I had two get out of jail free cards, Roman got both cards sending him to jail.  Early on we made a trade in which I gave him the Monopoly equivalent of Water Works (so that he would have both) and I took an orange property.  I already had an orange property and there was only one left to buy, the Tampa Bay Bucs.  I finally was able to buy it for a monopoly, but it was literally the last property to sell.  Having that first and getting some “houses” on it probably helped me to win.  We made some more trades in which he owned one half of the board and I owned the other half, but I got to him early and he was never able to recover.  Having to mortgage to stay in the game, he opted to quit.  Good sport, and fun game.

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