Tragic News

This morning I wake to a headline that “At Least 40 Dead in Major Iranian Earthquake”.  I haven’t had a chance to read the article yet.  This comes on the heels of yesterday’s bombings in Boston.  I am still not sure what the final count of dead and injured was.  I spent last night looking through pictures online.  Can’t even imagine the euphoria one must feel after completing a marathon, only to be wrecked by a bomb going off yards away that knocks you to the ground and sends you to the hospital.

For me, the news that hit closest to home was news from my father around 5:30pm yesterday that my mother had been sent to the hospital.  I could tell in his voice this wasn’t something “routine” – involving blood pressure or that she had taken a fall.  Rather, he told me she had no recollection of what happened in the last week.  That would be the week that me and the kids were in town, along with my nephew Joel.  There was quite a lot going on last week for her!  The first thing I thought was that she had a stroke.  My dad said the doctor diagnosed it as “global amnesia”.  According to my dad, things were starting to come back to her.  Could it somehow be linked to stress?  I know did a lot to keep things sane around the house with that many people there.  It was a little crazy.
I’ll be calling her later today to see how things are going.

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