New Pets

As I type this, Julie, Roman, and Grace are on the way to the pet store to get not one but TWO new rats.  She had them come to me and I approved without much deliberation.  They still have a considerable amount of Christmas money left, Roman especially. It’s been awhile since we had a rat and I kind of miss it.  I am sure Dusty misses it too.  Now he will have TWO to contend with, if they do as planned.  Perhaps they will just decide on one.  I bet they will fight over which one is whose.

Speaking of animals, Biscuit was outside today standing face-to-face and barking at a possum.  It was nuts because the possum wasn’t even flinching and Biscuit didn’t want to back down.  My guess is it was a momma possum protecting babies.
I just remembered I need to call Capital One back and reinstate Max’s debit card.  This morning he thought he lost it.  This afternoon he found it in his pocket. Kids.  I really like Capital One’s check deposit through taking a picture.  I used it again Monday and was successful, thought it took several tries.
What I was NOT successful in doing was using our Samsung tablet to inventory books in our house.  For the life of me, I can’t get that darn scanner to recognize anything but maybe one in 10 times.  Last night it was a big zero.  I get obsessed with stuff like that and never want to give up. I tried looking up pointers on the internet, but had no success.  
At least I knew when to fold it this time – just in time to watch the Braves make a comeback and beat the Royals.  Three homers in the 8th inning!  However, there win streak ended at 10 as they lost to the improved Royals, 1-0.
Is it overkill to listen to a lot of songs by an artist before you go to the concert?  I am doing it anyway right now.

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