When is a Review Not a Review?

Today I saw a headline that Amazon created their own TV series, much like Netflix is doing, based on “Zombieland”.  The catch is they only produced one episode so far and audience reception will determine whether or not it will continue.  I noticed it only had about 1.5 stars out of 5 and so I started reading the “reviews”.  The negative reviews all kept saying the same thing: “I would review it if I could get it to play.  Amazon messed up.”  What knobs.  This isn’t the first time Amazon reviews were something along this line.  I see people all the time give products one star because they were shipped the wrong product or they never received it.  Wake up, people!  Take this up with Amazon customer service and space us your idiocy.  Amazon really needs to go on there and clean those type of reviews up, and then ban the people that do them from ever writing another review.


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