How To Ruin a Day

I was tasked with sending some pictures of Max to one of the people in the theater group, likely a parent.  She wanted a baby picture, a recent picture, and his senior photo.  So I went to Julie and asked for the senior photo. She had no recollection of seeing it.  I am about 95% sure we got it towards the end of last year.  I called Cady and confirmed it was sent to us in November 2012.  And it cost us nearly $200.   I looked for that thing a good chunk of the morning and tonight as well.  No luck.  I called my mom to see if she got her copy, but she said she had his picture from his junior year.  Unbelievable.  And I was getting ready to order his cap and gown picture tonight.  Should I bother?   Will we just lose it?  I have to find that sucker, even if it kills me.

I say there is a 5% chance that I am dreaming and we never got it because Cady tells me I only paid ONE sitting fee.  I checked after I got off the phone and I indeed was charged twice.  Now I need to get that $37 back.

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