New Suit

After careful deliberation about where I was going to shop, I decided to go to Men’s Warehouse today and buy a new suit for interviews.  I had a pretty good experience with them when I bought a suit in Florida, and Max rented his tux there last year.  Since then, I have mainly survived on sport coats and my old suit, which is showing it’s wear.  

I had already seen that everything was 50% off, but I wasn’t sure if that just put it at the normal price, like some places you go.  The moment I walked in, I had a helper.  I wouldn’t get his name until the end, but I believe it was Dean.  Dean showed me exactly where my size was and allowed me some time to look through the suits on my own.  When I showed him one I was interested in, he replied, “That suits not for you.”  I was both amused and annoyed.  I had to know why, and he told me it’s fit looks tight, or something to that effect.  He picked me out a couple: one dark gray Calvin Klein and another that was light colored for summer from Perry Ellis.  I kept looking a the Perry Ellis.  It was different than my usual suits and it felt great.  But in the end I opted for gray suit, which was also more expensive.  And while it was the most I spent on a suit, it wasn’t $1,000 or anything crazy like that.  I wish I had that kind of money to spend.
After I tried on the suit for altering, I came out to find four different shirts and 4 matching ties from which to choose.  Men’s Warehouse is notorious for doing this, but they also do a great job.  And everything is priced so differently that you have to pay attention.  I walked out with a new shirt and two new ties.  And it all went on the credit card.
Early in our conversation, I asked if the suit could be ready by Monday.  Dean told me yes, but as I was checking out, he asked if May 2nd would be OK.  I panicked.  Had he misunderstood me?  I told him again, and he did recollect the conversation.  All of a sudden Monday was OK.  And I am already worrying whether or not it will truly be there when I go back on Monday.  I am planning to rent Max’s tux while we are there, so that gives us another reason to go.
I am excited about wearing it.  I remember when I last bought a suit it gave me a added confidence.  I hope this one will do the same.

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