Another Warehouse

After dropping off Roman at Teen Night last night, we were left with only a little time to “date” since we got there late.  Plus Julie was chit-chatting with the ladies.  It was my idea to go check out BJ’s Warehouse Club, for which we had received a free trial membership in the mail.  I already figured we would not be buying a full membership since the club is in Woodstock and not particularly close.  But I was intrigued to see how it might differ from Sam’s.

It really didn’t.  We have a membership to Sam’s Club (that my father provides) and we rarely get over there as it is. I saw pretty much the same stuff, same layout, same crappy pricing on cereal, etc.  From the start, Julie picked up a sack of potatoes.  I said to her that if we could not find anything else, we weren’t buying the potatoes because I had to activate the card before we could buy.  We ended up finding about $90 worth of stuff in the end, so I activated.
The customer service person activating my card had to go through the usual rigmarole of taking my picture, getting my full address, e-mail, etc.  He even offered me $10 off the club price of $50 if I signed up today.  I declined. While I was at the desk, a lady was obsessing about finding a particular coupon from their flyer.  It appears the coupons do make it worthwhile as I used one for $5 off dishwasher detergent.  (Unfortunately, I had to RETURN to this desk to get my $5 as I forgot to give it to the guy at the register).  But she was telling me about how she had a premium membership and saves 10-15% with coupons and gets $100 back at the end  of the year.  Now I didn’t hear the story on different levels of membership, and it wouldn’t have changed my decision not to buy, but I was a bit intrigued as to what she was talking about.  But it was late and time to get out of there.
I haven’t been in a Costco in a long time and would still like to check one out.  But alas, like BJ’s, the only one I know of isn’t exactly close to us.
We arrived at BJ’s around 8pm and were out at 9pm.  We were due to pick up Roman at 9:30pm.  Some date, eh?

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