Hello, Goodbye

I have known about Crackle for some time.  It’s a site to watch free movies and shows.  I had never really needed to try it since we subscribe to Netflix.  And even though we still subscribe to Netflix, only Crackle had “To Die For” available to watch.  I decided to give it a try.  Doubt I will do it again.

First off, I saw the other day that they also had episodes of “The Shield” to watch and I wanted to figure out which episode I was on.  So I tried skipping through to the middle of the episode.  It would show me a commercial, which it also does before you can start watching anything, and then go back to the beginning.  It kept doing this over and over.  I finally gave up.
A day later I started watching “To Die For” on our Galaxy tablet and everything was fine.  I had to stop it and pick it up later.  When I did, it asked me if I wanted to resume, and when I said yes, it went back to the beginning. Whenever I would try to figure out where I had left off, it would show me a commercial.  Every time.  
I watched more today on my desktop computer and the commercial breaks would come about every 20 minutes.  But an interesting thing would happen when the commercial was over.  It would pause.  I would start the movie back up and although the time was moving ahead, there was no picture.  So I would have to back it up, watch another commercial, and then rewatch parts of what I watched.
It’s an absolute mess.  It’s just not even CLOSE to be a positive viewing experience.  Sorry, Crackle, but you better get your act together.   Just because your free doesn’t mean people are going to use your service.  At least not in its present state.
And no, I still haven’t finished the movie.

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