Paul’s 101

Late last night I finished the near impossible task of creating a list of 101 Favorite Songs on Spotify.  The caveat is the song has to be available on Spotify, and several of my all-time favorites are not.  Examples:

“All Those Years Ago” – George Harrison
“Big Time” – Peter Gabriel
“(Just Like) Starting Over” – John Lennon
“She Taught Me Everything There is to Know About Poultry” – Citizens’ Utilities
Yes, that last one is a real song.  And the truth is that there is pretty much no music available for these artists. Also, there is no music at all for The Beatles on Spotify, which is no surprise.  
A band like The Beatles could easily have 20 songs in one’s top songs playlist, so the other aspect that doesn’t quite make it a genuine list is that I tried not to lean on one band too much.  It’s easy for me to select bands like ELO and XTC and pick several songs from each for my Top 101.  But I allowed no more than 2 songs from any one band, and there were only a handful of bands that were allowed this honor.  One of them I wouldn’t even call a favorite band (Dire Straits).  I am thinking I should change this to only one, but as for now, I left it.
Some people would be embarrassed to create a list that had some of the songs I included in my playlist.  There are plenty of 80’s one hit wonders or silly love songs (“The Things We Do for Love” by 10cc anyone?).  I don’t shy away from nostalgia.  Nor do I get embarrassed by what I like, so don’t even try to make me feel that way.
At the beginning I said the task was “near impossible” for a couple reasons.  First, how do I know I am not forgetting something?  Sure, I have my iTunes library to remind me of all the songs I like.  And I can even list them by 5-star rating?  But what if I never rated it?  Or what if I don’t own it but think I do?  OR, and I had this happen, what if I rated it only 4 stars?  This has been corrected, but you see my point. 
The other issue keeps rearing its ugly head.  If I have my list of 101, but then I think of another song that definitely needs to be on the list, how do I decide who gets the ask?  I don’t have them in any particular rank order, though I will go on record saying my clear #1 is “Don’t Bring Me Down” by ELO.  After that, it’s a crap shoot.  Just 30 minutes ago a song popped into my head that I did not include on my list and now I am wondering if it should be on there: “Lee Van Cleef” by Primus.  I have been enjoying it immensely in the last year, but how can I compare it to a song I have adored for many years, like The Pretenders’ “Message of Love”?
You won’t find a ton of “classics” on here, from bands like The Rolling Stones, Bob Dylan, The Doors, etc.  In many cases, I am not a huge fan (like “The Doors”), but a lot of it may have to do with the fact that the songs were overplayed and it’s just not a treat to hear them anymore.  A classic example is just about anything off Boston’s first album.  Great songs, but it feels “boring” to call them a favorite songs.
Anyway, it was kind of fun to do this and I can’t say it’s 100% complete (more like 97.3%). I probably still need to work on the order, and there may be some additions and subtractions.   Feel free to remind me of something I once said was a favorite song. But without further ado, I am going to deliver the result anyway.  Enjoy.

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