No Surprise

I labored through another 4 hours of draft watching last night, while doing a little reading here and there.  I kept watching because I wanted to see the Patriots pick, which was slated to be #29.  I say “slated” because naturally they traded it to Minnesota, who drafted a WR.  I REALLY want the Patriots to draft a WR, and when the Falcons (the other team I wanted to see) moved up to draft Desmond Trufant (who I thought the Patriots might draft), I thought there was a legit change they would.  The Pats netted 3 extra picks, giving up a 1st, but getting a 2nd, 3rd, 4th, and 7th.  They have had decent luck drafting a WR in the 2nd round (Deion Branch comes to mind), but not the 3rd (Taylor Price comes to mind).

Why do I even find it interesting?  I guess if any of these guys becomes a hall-of-famer someday, I can say, “I remember the day he was drafted.”  But is that even something worth saying?  What if he doesn’t even make a dent with the team who drafted him, but becomes a great player later….like Cris Carter?  Nevertheless, I will taping tonight’s rounds as I have to take Grace and Roman out to an event tonight.  Would hate to miss the commentary. 
Also, I had no idea the Dolphins changed their logo!  When did this happen?

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