Garage Sale No-No

Grace and I checked out the multi-family garage sale in a very large neighborhood near us.  Each of the homes having a sale marked it by putting a balloon on their mailbox.  Since we didn’t get to go until around 12:45 (I had a prior commitment in the morning), I think several people may have called it a day.  All in all, we didn’t net too much. The first house we stopped at even had a sign stating everything was now “1/2 price”.  I bought 2 paperbacks and a fuzzy scarf Grace wanted for $1 total.  After that, I bought a DVD I didn’t need (contained Lethal Weapon movies 1-3), a stuffed animal for Grace, and an Easter decoration.  Like I said, not too stellar.  But hey, it was the afternoon. You really need to hit the garage sales early.

What was most frustrating about many of the sales we stopped at was the lack of pricing.  It seems more and more people put the stuff on a table and then want you to make an offer.  Some people may like that; I personally hate it.  I even told Grace that if the majority of items for sale were not labeled in any way, I was leaving.  Sadly, this seemed to be the norm rather than the exception.  We even went to one house that had two items for sale: plants and books. I love shopping for books, but the books were on a table in a box with NOTHING written on the box and no prices on the books.  Really?  You have two items for sale!  Come on.  Furthermore, the owners of this house didn’t even acknowledge our presence.  Not a surprise.
I often forget about garage sales on Saturday morning because I like to sleep in.  But the other thing I forget is many of these sales start Friday as well, and since I have been off, why have I not gone?  Perhaps I will get a jump on them this Friday, though I never have anything in particular I want.  

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