Julie’s Phone Issue

A couple days ago Julie was in a public restroom and had the unspeakable happen to her.  Her telephone fell out of her pocket and plopped into the toilet.  Without much thought, she plunged her hand in and retrieved it.  She’s not the first person in the family to have her phone submerged in water.  I once went swimming with my phone in my pocket and didn’t even realize it was there until I was completely out of the pool.  My phone did not survive.  However, she took her phone apart and put it in water and it appears to work in some respects.  Still, it looks like she will need a new one ASAP.

And so that brings me to the decision I hate making, especially at this time with limited income.  Does she move up to a smartphone, potentially iPhone since I am not a fan of my Android phone?  I know there are shared data plans, but unlike phone minutes, it’s hard for me to gauge at all how much data I use since I am on unlimited?  I can’t afford to add another unlimited plan.  In fact, I don’t think they even have such an option.  I have so much going on in regards to decisions I need to make that I am a bit annoyed that this one has now moved into the forefront.  Why can’t wireless be much simpler, especially when you have four people on the plan?  I am sure there are simpler plans than what Verizon is offering me, but I am comfortable with Verizon, not to mention all of us came in at different times and even if my contract expires in two months, Julie’s might last another 18 months.  It’s a mess.
Speaking of a mess, we ate at Golden Corral tonight.  It was 7:30pm on a Sunday and we had just left the Life Teen mass, which honored all graduating seniors that go to the church.   Instead of attending the banquet afterwards, which would have cost $10 each, we went to GC by Max’s request.  Guess what?   We had to drive 20 minutes to get there and it ended up averaging to $10 a person.   On our way to the restaurant, there was no one on the road. When we arrived, their parking lot was packed!   Does everyone eat here?  The place is just way too cramped in regards to seating.  And though the lady told me there would be broccoli cheese soup, it never happened.  You can’t walk out of there without feeling stuffed, but it’s not such a good stuffed feeling.  We had a rule this time: no cotton candy.  Naturally, Grace asked if she could get cotton candy and almost started a huge argument like last time.   But the good news is Roman ate a lot more than a piece of steak before moving right to dessert.  They had wings there as well this time.  If only we could get him to focus more on healthy foods.

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