Some people simply astonish me.  I ordered a book on Bookmooch during the first week of April and after about a week I heard nothing.  I e-mailed the owner and she sent an e-mail saying the book was sent on 4/13/13.  Yesterday I e-mailed her back to find out if she possibly sent it late because I still hadn’t received it.  It was coming from California, but it’s still rare for something to take longer than two weeks.  Today I receive an e-mail with one sentence in the body: “Haven’t sent it yet.”  No apology.  No further information as to when it will be sent.   Nothing. I e-mailed her back and tried to clearly show my frustration without being too rude.  But come on…..two weeks with no information?  If you are too busy to participate in a book exchange, then simply don’t do it.


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