El Frustrado

I worked out this morning but didn’t realize I forgot to bring my headphones back home with me until the afternoon, specifically when I was driving Mitchell to his orthodontic appointment to get his braces off (yeah!).  I was passing by the gym on my way back, so I thought I could check then.  Not surprisingly, I forgot to stop in, so I called them when I was at home.  I told the lady that took my call EXACTLY where I left them: hanging on the handle of the exercise bike right next to the first cross trainer.  She told me no one turned any headphones into them, but would call me if some are found.  No here’s the deal.  This “gym” is actually a one-room fitness center inside a strip mall. You can view the entire place standing in the front door.  

I wasn’t buying it, so around 5pm when I went out to get Little Caesar’s Pizza, I stopped by the fitness center.  As I said, I could clearly see my headphones hanging on the handlebars of the exercise bike from the front door.  This tells me she didn’t even bother to take a glance at the place I told her.  Unbelievable.
Speaking of frustration, Roman and Grace finally had enough of not being able to play with their rates. So after what sounded like an abysmal Squires meeting for Roman, we gathered up the rats (which I finally had to intervene wearing a glove) and brought them back to PetSmart.  There wasn’t any hassle, but there weren’t any rats to exchange them for, which is what Grace wanted to do.  Therefore, we had to take the money and run.
We stopped by KMart on the way home and the first thing Julie noticed was that I was covered in cat hair.  It was REALLY bad.  I can’t believe I never looked down at my shirt before going out.  I had been brushing the cat on my lap at home.  Nasty cat!  When I got home, I took a shower.
Hawks have evened the series 2-2.

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