Almost Had it Perfect, but Then….

… I blew it.  I was charged with making the chicken wings on the grill tonight and was determined NOT to burn them.  I cooked them for 25 minutes and most looked almost perfect.  Then I turned the grill up SLIGHTLY, came inside, and played a game of SongPop.  Julie walked outside and said the grill was really smoking, but I thought nothing of it because it was already letting off a lot of smoke.  She came in a couple minutes later and said the same thing. So I went out and could clearly see high flames through a hole in the grill that were not there before.  Uh oh. Sure enough, I burned them.  

I pulled them off as quickly as possible.  And even though there was plenty of black goodness all over them, everyone ate them as if they were perfect.  But I knew better.  All I could dream of is what could have been.

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