What a Trip

After working diligently at home all day, I went out to run an errand at 4:30 yesterday.  The plan was I was going to take advantage of expiring Kroger fuel points by gassing up the van and then hit Walmart for some food items, finally depositing a check at the bank.  Note:  If I banked with Capital One, I could take a picture of the check and deposit it, like I do for my son’s paychecks.  But I won’t go there.  Besides, he could probably be doing direct deposit anyway!

First I stopped at Shell and once again had issues putting in my Kroger card number.  Then you have to wait for the whole thing to reset.  In order for it to reset, I think you have to finally say, “I give up”, then get in your car and pretend to go to another pump.  At least that’s what works for me.  The second time around it took the card number, but then told me I had no discount!  False.  I was peeved.  I really didn’t need gas, so I decided to cancel the transaction.  I hit the cancel button repeatedly but nothing happened. So I decided to add some gas….$1. That’s not even a gallon, of course.
Then it was off to Walmart.  I brought along my spare change so I could exchange it for a Coinstar gift certificate to Amazon.  As I walked in with my plastic bank shaped like a bowling pin, I immediately saw the “Out of Order” sign on the machine.  Ugh.  I decided to lug the change with me rather than return to the car.  
About a week ago I bought some teeth whitening strips, but bought the Equate brand.  I decided maybe I would try the “big guns” this time: Crest 3D Whitening Strips.  I never understood the 3D part, but oh well.  I had a $7 off coupon, plus there was a $10 rebate on two of the products.  One was an “express product”.  You wear it 2 hours and that’s it.  The one I had bought was similar but was only 1 hour.  That cost $50.  Then there was a more advanced.  It rated a “5” on their 5 point scale.  For this, you wore it 30 minutes a day for I believe 7 days.   Or maybe it was an hour?  Anyway, this cost $60!  I say one hour because I remember another product they had (with no rebate) that you wore for 20 days.  It had to be at least 30 minutes.  Who knows.  All I know is after a long deliberation, I decided that cosmetic whitening was just not in the budget.
As I walked through the store shopping for groceries, I must have told myself at least twenty times not to forget to buy topsoil.  You don’t bring it to the register, but I figured there must be a bar code at the register to ring it up. Low and behold, I forgot to tell the cashier.  Perhaps it was the time we spent adjusting the price for a “Buy One, Get One” coupon for a frozen burrito that messed me up.  So I had to go back in to the store after loading my groceries and buy soil. 
I stopped at Kroger afterwards to use their Coinstar machine, but also to buy some Cuties.  Walmart was completely out and while Kroger had some, but they weren’t the Cuties brand.  Good enough.  But another reason I went to Kroger had to do with me being extremely susceptible to a radio ad heard earlier in the week. Dos Equis (which my wife claims I am pronouncing wrong, even thought I am saying it just like they do in the ads) advertised for Cinco De Mayo with one of their “Most Interesting Man in the World” spots and it drew me in like a moth to light.  I had to have it.  And so I bought some.  I would have saved with a 12-pack, but I am not a big beer drinker.  This Yago Sangria we have in our fridge on the other hand……loving it.
After leaving Kroger, I had one more stop: the bank.  Easy peasy.  I pulled up to the ATM with no one in front or behind.  I deposited my check and……..please wait. That’s what the machine said for NEARLY FIVE MINUTES.  It still had my card so I couldn’t leave.  Plus, I didn’t trust that it would even deposit correctly.  I called the number on the machine, but it was a general banking number.  I knew they wouldn’t be able to help. Fortunately, as I was explaining to the rep what happened, the check came back to me upside down.  I am 99.9% sure I did not put it in that way, so it must have done that when it was trying to read it.  Do I try it again?  I did.  Another good thing was no one was behind me, otherwise I may not have made a 2nd attempt.  It looked like it may do it again, but went through this time without a hitch.
All in all, a trip that should have taken a little over an hour took nearly two.  Much of it had to do with me buying more groceries then was on the list, but I was glad to get back home.  And it’s a good thing we have kids to unpack and load the fridge and pantry, because I didn’t want to have anything to do with it.  Instead, I started Cinco de Mayo early and popped open a Dos Equis! 

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