Ignorance is Bliss

Two things hit me this morning that were relevant to yesterday.  The first was that I forgot to bring my binder of work samples to an interview.  I don’t know if we would have had time to go over what I had, but it certainly would have helped to answer one question I had in the interview.  The other item that hit me was that I had forgot cancel a trial offer I subscribed to for a service called ProtectMyID.  If it continued to bill for the next month, I believe the charge was around $20.  Considering I wasn’t using it and couldn’t afford it, it really had me upset.

As it turns out, I had one more day for the ProtectMyID service, so I canceled it without a charge.  As for the interview, I mentioned that I had this material available in a “Thank You” e-mail I sent over to the employer.  It’s all good.

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